Systems Integration Engineering
WGD Consulting Inc. (WGD) is a design, engineering, project management, and integration firm, specializing in communications systems; focused on identifying, resolving and delivering solutions for large, complex public infrastructure projects.

Our people have a proven track record to ensure the systems designed will be delivered and compliant as intended. We have the experience to design, engineer solutions, configure, test, program and integrate systems to ensure project agreement (PA) compliance and operational readiness.

WGD follows a systems engineering approach to identify issues early, throughout the design and build phases. This reduces project risk and costly rework and redesign.   To date, WGD has successfully saved projects tens of millions of dollars by providing solutions to complex integration challenges and delivering projects in a cost effective and timely manner.

WGD Consulting Inc.

Committed to acting with integrity in all we do.

Our Mission

To integrate and secure the operational technology companies use in their industrial control systems to ensure critical infrastructure and services are not at risk

Our Values

We foster achievement through excellence, innovation & collaboration.  We respect others by celebrating diversity and acting with integrity and honesty.



Our team of Subject-matter Experts (SME’s) and experienced Project Managers (PM’s) accompany you throughout the mandate, offering objective, practical, results-driven advice, tailored to your needs.



With decades of experience working with Critical Infrastructure, Mass Transportation & Communication systems.  We have hands on experience with design and implementation of sophisticated, large scale systems.



We integrate complex systems & provide oversight for large scale Enterprise Architecture including physical & logical network design & implementation, Cyber security design & strategy, SCADA integration, CCTV, DAS & Wireless systems.